Monday, March 06, 2006

My World Gets Ever Smaller

No posts for a while, I've been cranky about not being able to go out and play in the nice weather. The physical therapist put the kabash on my outdoor bike rides, restricting me to the trainer. And it's working so I can't argue. Nonetheless, I was in a foul mood this weekend, riding the trainer in the mid-60 degree weather on my deck, watching all the runners and cyclists cruising by and drooling at the mountains in the distance. A cyclist waved at me as he passed and I restrained myself from flipping him off. Of course he was just being friendly, no need to inflict my foul mood on the general public.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been battling with the list owners/members of Boulder's spin off from the national Freecycle group, called 'RecycleBoulderValley'. For those unfamiliar with the concept, freecycling is a list on 'yahoogroups' where you can offer your crap up for free and people take it if they want. If you need stuff you get it for free and if you have excess crap you can dump it. Everyone wins and the landfills get filled up a little less quickly. The original Boulder group split from the national Freecycle group so they could make up their own rules. Most people followed this split including me because I couldn't be bothered trying to find the proper Freecycle group. So the splinter group has around 3700 members, the Freecycle group only 700 or so. Anyway, RecycleBoulderValley started a poll to see if they should start offering pets up for free on their list. It sounds like a nice idea in theory but the problem is that it's a disaster for the animals. Only 20% of animals offered for free end up in a loving, permanent home. The rest, well, it's not pretty. They get sold to research labs or dog fighters for bait dogs. Or they end up with owners who are unwilling/unable to care for them properly, including animal hoarders with mental problems, or sickos who are just outright abusive. Never mind that there's no guarantee the new owners will spay/neuter their pets so the rescues/shelters will have to bear the brunt of all the unwanted litters.

Unfortunately, the 'animals for free' vote is winning right now. If it passes, I'll leave the group, I just couldn't stomach staying and watching the ensuing carnage. It seems bizarre to me that I should end up boycotting an otherwise great group but there you go. I boycott about a zillion scumbag companies and businesses but this seems crazy. But I'm not budging.

If anyone out there would like to vote on this matter you can go to: , join the group and go to the 'polls' section on the web to vote. If you're not a member of 'yahoogroups' you'll have to join but it's free and easy. The poll closes March 10.

As for my training, I'll spare you the excruciating details of my rehab. It's boring even to me.

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