Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Day in the Park

I finally got out this weekend for the first time in forever. There was a NADAC agility trial just 35 minutes from my house and I couldn't get my pre-paid entry fees back so I recruited a couple very wonderful people to run my dogs for me. Lydia and Michelle were already running their own multiple dogs plus dogs for other people so adding my two to the mix made for a busy weekend for them. Both of them had over 20 runs per day which is a LOT. My quads are usually trashed with just 10-12 runs per day. My dogs have never run in a trial for anybody else before and L & M had only one day of practice with them so I wasn't sure how they'd do.

The trial was in a really nice park in Golden, lots of space and lovely green grass for the dogs to roll in. The weather was perfect too and to be honest I was a bit bummed first thing in the morning because I really REALLY wanted to run my dogs. But I convinced myself it wouldn't be too much longer until I'd be back on my feet and I'd only appreciate it all the more.

The dogs had some great runs and some where they took 3 jumps and ran out of the ring looking for me. Lola seemed especially unhinged but she eventually came around a little and actually completed a full standard course with no faults by the end of the second day. Cody even had a few Q's and a first place as well as some other nice runs. I was happy they stayed in the ring as much as they did and was really pleased with Cody who had all kinds of stress issues when we started trialling years ago. Overall it was great to see them out there running and having fun. Lola was so tired Sunday night that she refused to go more than 3 blocks when Jonny tried to walk her. Some other folks are taking me and my dogs up to a fun match this weekend and have agreed to run the dogs for me so they can get some more ring practice with other people. It's a fun match so they can take toys and treats into the ring with them and reward the dogs for staying in the ring. I'm not sure how often I'll have occasion for other people to run my dogs but I think having them learn to work for other people will build their confidence in the ring and I'm going to try more of it at practice if it seems to help. I'm also eager to get out of the house again. It was great to be outside in the beautiful weather over the weekend, even if I couldn't do much but sit on my ass and hobble around a little.

One more week until I go back to the doc and she takes x-rays to see if I can get off my crutches. The PT I've been seeing thinks that an agility trial in late June seems reasonable so now I'm hoping maybe I can go to one in early June, depending what the x-rays and doc says. I fell over the weekend and accidentally put weight on my left leg and fell on my left side and it wasn't terrible so maybe things are healing up. I feel better and more mobile so I think there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Also enjoyed your post about rediscovering your record collection, by the way.