Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun match photos and best biking video ever

I was surprised to see there was a photographer at the fun match last weekend. The best was one of me doing some kinda crazy Rocka Hula dance aka really really late front cross while poor Strum tries to negotiate a double jump while figuring what the heck I want him to do: Strummer Jumping

Lola cracks me up: Lola Jumping

Here are the rest:

Lola Tire

Strummer Tire

Strummer Jumping

Strummer Jumping

Also, thanks to Kathy for posting this biking video on my facebook. I'm putting it here so I don't lose the link and so you can have some Friday fun. Hell-arious!


  1. Oh. My. God. That is the funniest video ever.

  2. I know. I love the part where she falls over on the trainer-classic.

  3. I love the part where she stops pedaling and hunches down for minimum wind resistance. Still giggling about that.

    Her dog looks like Lucy!

  4. Oh yeah and about Lola's big air: Lola is to jumping what my new vacuum cleaner is to getting dog hair out of carpet. They make it look SO easy!

  5. Anonymous9:16 PM

    your video made me chuckle. really. the kind of chuckle that just bubbles out. right here in a funky hotel room. or maybe i am in a chuckle mood because one of my agility girls has won all the classes she has run in so far this weekend and the other got a QQ and the weekend is only half over. sadly, it is not usdaa so the pleasure is somewhat tempered by patience for having to wait so long between runs.

  6. Big congrats, that's quite a successful weekend!

    I had to wait over 7 1/2 hours between runs yesterday since I wasn't entered in all the classes. Didn't get out of the arena until around 7:30 p.m. I love DOCNA but 6 classes in one day is too much.

  7. Great video. Boy, Lola would've jumped 30" without thinking about it, back in The Day.